What I Do

Whatever the occasion, whatever the subject, there’s a video or two about it. Every business is expected to be on social media, every artist needs to have their work appear somewhere online, every family member asks if there’s video from the wedding. Creating these things is my speciality and more importantly, my passion.
I have spent the last 3 years working with artists, musicians, small business owners, and many other clients to bring whatever they are passionate about to life in bespoke videos for sharing online.

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Let’s get stuck in.

Like so many other’s, my dream is to write and direct features, but for now I’m proud to be making  quality short films. Putting together short dramas with little or no budget presents an inticing challenge which I can’t shy away from.

Working with other filmmakers around Scotland has been a joy

White Rabbit


Let’s Make Something.

This is my chance to work from home or at a desk and is often a welcome one. Editing videos of any kind is a case of problem solving which I find compelling and captivating.

West Lothian Pride 2020/21
Stirling Photography Festival
Imposter Syndrome


Do you see what I see?

It’s always by my side and ready to work. I’ve poured a lot of time into knowing how to use a camera and make it look good! Cinematography is a real passion of mine.

Stirling Photography Festival

Crew member

We’re in this together.

I have done many things on many sets. Although I love to be in charge and have some control, I just want to be a part of the filmmaking process however I can. I’ve spent time as a runner which has taught me to be agreeable. I’ve enjoyed working as a boom operator and sound mixer, despite not having so much experience in that field.